Update MPD to v.0.18.6

I have install Volumio and I am vreally very satisfied with it. The only problem i have is that I have my rips in Flac/cue format ( one big flac file and its cue file with the tracks). Current version of MPD in Volumio is 0.17. that it doesn’t support reading cue files. Version 0.18.6 can do this. Is it possible to update MPD in Volumio?

Yes, I’ll use 18.6 in next version…

Is there any way of doing this ourselves via SSH?

Here : himagine.s20.xrea.com/audio/raspberrypi_mpd.html

I appreciate the link, but I have no idea what I’m doing. I had a go, but of course it didn’t work.

If someone could tailor the guide for Volumio, I’d be very grateful. Otherwise I will wait patiently for Michelangelo’s next update. :smiley:

maybe of use?