Update mechanism stopped working ?

Dear Volumio devs,

It seems to me the update mechanism is bricked somehow.

I just tried to update one of my test systems from v2.575 to v2.587.
No system files have been modified, but i get this:


I also noticed on other of my systems - for a while - there has been offered v2.588 and v2.589 beta versions.
Short time later the beta versions haven’t been offered any longer and these 2 systems now also are stating i’m on the latest version.
Didn’t think too much about it because of beta status - but now i’m trying to update a clean v2.575 system to v2.587…

I will have a look to find another older system and retry.

Best Regards


I just did check with another v2.575 system - it also states it’s on the latest version.
This system has been installed with v2.555 and updated to 2.575.

Best Regards