Update Issues - Factory reset not working

Dear Volumio,

I was trying to update my Volumio which was installed by Allo when I got this player, but after I clicked “Update Now”, it popped up " System Software Integrity check failed, manually edited files were detected. System Software Update is not possible under these circumstances. Please execute a Factory Reset or Delete User Data, then retry."
In fact, I never edited files. I therefore executed a Factory Reset, but still didn’t work. It still popped up the same message. What should I do for the next step?


Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.853
Hardware: Allo Boss player
DAC: Allo Boss DAC

after altering files you have to re-install all from the begining.

I’ve never used it myself but maybe you should also disable ssh


Not working…it seems that I should flash my SD card to the updated version…Still not sure why this happened…I was planning to buy the annual plan of Volumio but now I become hesitant…

Hi aphei316, you may not have altered any system files, but Allo may well have done so in the version of Volumio that was orginally installed on your device.