Update broke RPI volumio

I cannot see volumio because the hardest part of this is getting connected to volumio!" It’s on my SD card in my RPi but how do I connect to it! The guide is useless, it says to connect by ‘Hotspot’ WHAT IS THAT AND HOW! It shows a picture relating to Mac!!! I don’t have a Mac, I have PC connected to a router by an ethernet cable, PC itself has no WiFi but router does. I have a phone with WiFi so how do I CONNECT to Volumio to SEE the WebUI!!!

Sick of this happening with updates and then when I reinstall Volumio I’m stuck not able to connect to it with my phone, no idea how to do that with hotspot, whatever that is, I watched a video on youtube about connecting to hotspot but it was complicated!
Not very user friendly this thing!

If the router wifi is configured, then from your phone, if you enable wifi, you should see a network called ‘volumio’.
Then configure volumio to connect to the wifi from your router using the password you defined on it.
Or, use the ethernet cable ffor the RPI and from your pc browser use http://volumio.local to reach the UI

Thanks for the quick reply.
Don’t see any ‘network’ called volumio on my phone!
How or where in my phone would I see this ‘network’?

I connected an ethernet cable, used Fing to find the IP address of RPi, entered that into browser and was able to get to the web UI and set it up.

I just wish whoever makes this would cover all the bases for getting connected the first time to set up the WiFi, I find network stuff very confusing.

It’s a shame that this has to be so confusing (I know most will say its not, but it is for those not into networking or Linux etc it’s mostly the initial connection to setup the WiFi for your house) because this is a brilliant thing, using volumio with the RPi to play music.
I just have a SSD connected via USB with all my music on it, no streaming or networking etc connected to my old Naim Nait amp and Mission speakers!

Thanks again for your help.

nice if have it working now!
from your phone it is in available wifi network… but forget it as you use cable!

‘Use cable’ yip seems to be simplest way, Cheers again.