unoficial youtube plugin issue

hello everyone
i want to mention a bug in the unoficial youtube plug in

i have installed the plugin and everything seems to be ok exept the search that works ok but after multiple searches about 10 the search seems not to working and the youtube plugin does not work too

does anyone faces the same situation?
thanks in advance

  1. Did you get any errors?
  2. Does it work again after restarting your device?
  3. If restarting doesn’t help, does the plugin resume working on the next day?

hello patrickkfkan first of all i want to thank you for the plugin you made and sharing with us it was very thankfull

i didnt get any errors

it seems not to work with a single restart

it works well on the next day but after multiple searches it bugs again

thank you verry much

if it’s not running just switch the plugin on and off and it’s running again…