Unnecessary scroll bar at 800x480 (2.729)


I finally made a Pimoroni HyperPixel 4.0 capacity display work in a Raspberry PI 2B with Volumio (at nowadays version 2.729). It has a 800x480 resolution.

The thing is that in Classic View, the screen is slightly (but very slightly) too big and a scroll bar is displayed at the right side.

What is the resolution of the GUI? How could I adjust it to 800x480, so everything is displayed without any scroll bar?


I guess I could reduce the font sizes of the Album, Artist names, etc, so everything could fit in just 480 pixels high.

Where could it be?


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I know this is an old post, but I found it via Google searching for an answer to the same problem. So for the benefit of anyone else finding it the same way, here’s the answer I’ve come up with.
The change is in the app css file in /volumio/http/www/styles/ .
On my instance, the file is called app-e831b7a181.css, but it seems like the last 10 characters may vary.

Edit this file and look for:

.volumeManager{margin-top: 110px;}

Change it to:

.volumeManager{margin-top: 90px;}

Then reboot, no more unnecessary scroll bar on the classic view playback screen.

OK well I spoke too soon. I’m now playing a track where both the album and track titles run onto 2 lines. That pushes the album art down just enough to need a scrollbar. But when the scrollbar is displayed, the album art gets resized a bit smaller because the screen is narrower now. And then it’s not tall enough to need the scrollbar, and the scrollbar disappears again, so the album art gets resized slightly bigger… repeat ad infinitum!

I wonder if causing the scrollbar appear all the time was actually a workaround to prevent this happening. Some more investigation needed. Perhaps the best solution is to make the playback screen completely non-scrollable.

I ended up adding this at the end of the stylesheet:

div#contentWrapper.playback { overflow-y: hidden !important; }

Which completely disables scrolling on the playback screen and feels like a horrible kludge. If the album/track/artist text runs to more than 5 lines, the album art gets pushed off the bottom of the screen, but I can live with that. Scrolling still seems to work everywhere else.