Under the hood?


Is there are documentation on what changes have been made to the system as whole to make Volumio what it is?

I guess the kernel and various subsystems have been fine tuned for the best audio, but what else? Has MPD had some changes? Couldn’t find any reference to this information.



Especially I would like to know, whether this is a fork of Audiophile Linux and if not, why not. Is the kernel a separate development? What audio subsystem is being used. What about video?

Thanks, Andreas

I give you a brief reply, since I’m preparing to release all the infos:

Volumio relies on mpd, recompiled to be more lightweight and optimized. I noticed better performance (less CPU usage) against vanilla version.
Then, there are few optimization in the os itself, some regarding alsa, some regarding kernel latency tuning, and lots of services deactivated.
This is not a fork of audiophile linux, it has a completely separate development.
I’m now focusing on pi’s kernel, since this appears to be the troublesome part of the system…

Where do we find your source code please?


Volumio-WebUI - has code
main - empty
volumio - empty
volumio-RootFS - empty
linux - has code

So where is the mpd source?