Unable to start volumio2 in a virtual machine

I tried to start volumio2 in a virtual machine by “systemctl start volumio”. Then I checked the status of volumio and it showed loaded, enabled but failed. Then I used “systemctl cat volumio” and found the service is started by “/usr/local/bin/node /volumio/index.js”. I ran this command in the terminal and get several errors :

bug.txt (12.6 KB)
In summary, it said "failed to change the permission of /tmp/setvolume and /tmp/getvolume. So I changed the permissions of both folders manually but it didn’t work. And it said no soundcards found but I mounted the /dev/snd to virtual machine. And finally, the index.js threw “Maximum call stack size exceeded” error but I know nothing about js :sweat_smile: Would someone please tell me some possible reasons?