Unable to resume playback of one specific webradio stream once it has been stopped


Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 3.179
Hardware: pi
DAC: I2S Allo Piano 2.1 incl. Allo Reclocker

Debug Log


Steps to Reproduce

  1. add webradio http://www.play.cz/radio/beat128.ogg.m3u to My Webradios
  2. Start playback of this webradio and let it play for a while
  3. Stop the playback and wait fo a while (1 minute)
  4. Start playback again - playback doesn’t start

Additional Information

Hello @Jakub_Koznar, I wanted to try to recreate your problem, but not sure how to add that stream to a Volumio Web Radio list. How did you do it?

click the three dots to the end of My web radios, you can add new streams from there! worked for me just now!

Got it thanks.

OK, tried it a few times, following your steps exactly, each time it restarted properly.
Maybe a temporary problem with the stream that’s now fixed?