unable to procede with authorize step with spotify plugin


As suggested in another post I updated to latest volumio (I’m using a raspberry PI 1B) in order to use latest version of spotify plugin.

Once at the authorize step (I succesfully logged to spotify with my account), once I click on the authorize button nothing happens.
Looking at /var/log/volumio.log I get this error every time I click on it

error: Failed callmethod call: TypeError: Cannot read property 'substring' of undefined

Any hint on what to look at to further debug this issue?

Seems like after a reboot it’s now proceeding further

Hi Ghiggio and all of you…
I experienced same error.
I add this mine to your request hoping to have a solution…

Hi gpellici,

Are you running on latest volumio version?

My guess is that you might be on an up-to-date version of the plugin and on a previous version of volumio itself.
When I encountered this issue I was in a similar situation.