Unable to install chromium due to missing packages


I’m trying to install Chromium on my rpi 3b+ (latest volumio image) with a LCD screen to enable auto login and launching player interface locally. I’m following the instructions on https://community.volumio.org/t/volumio-on-touch-screen/1886/13. Now it shows GUI and logs in automatically.

I was unable to install chromium with command apt install chromium as it complained missing libavcodec58 and libavformat58. It seems libavcodec58 depends on libraspberrypi0, which depends on raspberrypi-bootloader which is not installable. I tried to install raspberrypi-kernel but it has no installation candidate.

I tried apt install chromium-browser with similar result.

I also tried to download and install .deb package, and it prompted missing lots of packages, so I thought that’s not the right way to go.

So, what’s the correct way to install chromium, or enable launching browser and player UI automatically?


Installed Firefox as a temporary solution, but I guess Chromium is more light-weight?

Maybe install the Touch Display plugin from the plugin store (which uses chromium-browser on Raspberry Pis).