Unable to add stations to My Web Radios

Hi everyone,

I’ve just downloaded MyVolumio to use on my Raspberry Pi Zero W system, but I’m unable to add any custom streams using the ‘Add Web Radio’ button. The pop-up window appears as usual (i.e. add the station name and the URL), but once I press Add nothing appears under the My Web Radios menu. I’ve rebooted the system and tried a number of different URLs and station names, but nothing has appeared despite my efforts so far.

Is this a bug that’s affected anyone else, and if so is there a workaround so I can add my streams (which I more or less listen to exclusively on the system)?

Thanks for your advice!



Still unresolved? I have the same problem with latest volumio-2.777-2020-05-25. Neither clicking on the heart icon in player nor “add to my favorite stations” in list view does anything.