Unable to access music from USB

Just got Raspberry PI going. Spotify config was simple. However, I’m unable to get any of my PI to recognize any USB drives. I’ve tried a few. Two are self powered.

I’m doing this using Settings | Run First Config Wizard | Music tab

I add a new drive but the drive doesn’t appear. They are formatted using FAT.

Appreciate any help or guidance.

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you have to scan first, settings >> sources >> rescan (wait till it finishes)
after this your usb stick will show up under music libary…

Hi myellen, welcome to Volumio. :slight_smile:

USB hdd and sticks are scanned automatically without any action from the user. Adding a new drive from either the ‘First Run Wizard’, or from ‘Sources’ in the settings section applies to network drives (on a NAS or another computer on your network).

There is currently a new version of Volumio (version 3.xxx) under beta testing, in which the USB drives/sticks will be scanned as dvo outlines in the post above.

Thanks for the tips. Sources was the key. Not sure why I didn’t see that. Once I went there, the USB drive showed up. Happy weekend all!