ui suggest and upnp dsf file

Thanks for the brilliant volumio ! I used pi2 withvolumio 1.54 two years ago, now I have got a pi3 and a tinkerboard with vol2.xx .

The first suggest is about ui. the vol 2.xx’s ui is fit for pad,but it‘s not look so comfortable in a phone,neither Android or iphone, especially the
playback part. The big circle covers the album’s cover-art .

I suggest design a new ui ,the playback part just look like kazoo,mpdroid,upnp ——big cover-art,simple line-shape stroll bar,for choose.

And, a bug I found is,I cannot push DSF files with kazoo or bubbleupnp (with minimserver),but the build-in mpd can handle DSF files. Maybe the problem is not a hard one,right?

Thank you again.