UI - submenu position problem

volumio v2.175

when using very small Windows, which happens automatically on mobile phones, the position
of the submenue for “Play/add/…” is sometimes too high, so the entries can not be selected.

it is also possible to simulate this on a PC, simply resize browser Windows to small outline
on the PC, it happes with IE11 and also with Chrome

Picture volsw3.jpg Show a correct Version
x1. and x2. Shows a failed version

I can confirm that. Impossible to add to queue in mobile view.

Try to use the english version
That worked for me…

Please see https://volumio.org/forum/play-add-add-and-play-add-replace-update-this-folder-t6504.html


Is there a solution to this problem or is the problem maybe fixed with a future update? It would be simply great if the German language pack could be used.