UI Problem

(Sorry for the bad English - Google Translator :blush: )

I have a small, very strange problem with the Volumio UI on my iPhone since today.

I have 2 Raspberrys with Volumio run on and manage both on my iPhone (shortcut on the Home screen).

On one of my two Volumios I have since today the problem which is the UI no longer displays correctly when I start the UI via the shortcut.

When accessing the UI via “Safari -> IP address” to go there without problems.

For clarification:

Access via Shortcut:

Access via Safari:

Have you tried to remove the shortcut and make a new one?
Have you read your post after Google translate and checked the grammar?

No I have not, but I know what you mean. Sorry! :blush:

Yes I have tried a new shortcut, but still the same problem.