UI not launching on HDMI with vers 2.296

Hello Everyone.

There seems to an issue with the UI at the HDMI interface (and LCD). Upon startup after the OTA upgrade to 2.296, I no longer see the UI launching. There used to be a 10-15 sec delay after the login prompt, then the UI would launch automatically. RPI3, no additional modules, nothing changed on my end.

I prepared a fresh image on a second SD card, same behavior. I added to config.txt, without any luck

What’s strange, before the login prompt the HDMI display the familiar “Volumio” logo appears, which then disappears before the prompt shows up. When I shut down the unit from the command prompt, the logo shows up again before RPI3 shuts off.

Which makes me think that some of the init scripts have changed. But I cannot figure out how to manually start up the UI. “startx” bombs out, but I am certain there is a different way to manually force start the Volumio UI. Anyone else has this issue?



I’m running version 2.31 and have the exact same issue.
Is there any news on this?


It seems the issue in version 2.310 is the default size of the partitions. In the log of the installation of the Touch Display Plugin I found some errors regarding disk space. Now I tried a new installation of Volumio and resized the partitions to double their original size before first boot. As a result, the installation log of the Touch Display Plugin showed no errors anymore and the Display shows the UI as expected from the previous Volumio versions.

In order for the partitions to be properly resized by volumio, you must leave it alone for 5 minutes at first boot.