UI bugs / improvements

Raspberry Pi3 B+
Volumio 2.457
7’’ LCD-Touch screen showing the UI
Upnp server is Minimserver on Synology DS213j
Upnp CPs are HiFi Cast & Bubble UPNP on Android devices (4.4 and 6.0)

Call it a bug or call it a missing feature. At least these are things that need to be improved (IMHO).

Observed issues while controlled by Upnp CP:

  • Cover art not shown on Playback tab. Yes it is provided by the Upnp server!
  • Playlist not shared between CP and Volumio UI. At least it is not shown. The Queue tab stays empty!

Observed issues while controlled by UI on local toch screen:

  • Queue tab not properly updated. Starting playback by selecting a track from the playlist shown in the Queue tab, it get’s a playback symbol on the left edge and is highlighted. This indicator does not move with track advance! When changing to another tab (Browse or Playback) and returning to the Queue tab the indication of the currently played track is also lost.

General missing feature:

  • Keep LCD active as long as Volumino is playing music. After the last track deactivate LCD after a user defined time.
  • Fast improvemant on this would be to leave the LCD always on.