UDOO - suggestions for fixes and enhancements

  1. SPDIF and I2S outputs
  2. fix UDOO wireless network http setup
  3. if you cannot /have no time to fix it, then disable it and provide guidelines to set up wireless manually (see http://volumio.org/forum/udoo-first-run-experience-t159-10.html#p3380): this is really a showstopper form basic users!
  4. include bridge and iptables modules in image - I am not able to set up UDOO wlan0 as AP or Ad-hoc as I need (and I have read of other people with the same issue…)
  5. enable tty on serial console - it is just a trivial change (http://volumio.org/forum/udoo-setting-tty-serial-console-port-solved-t972.html#p3708)


1-2-3 I agree!

Thank you!
I’m doing the image in these days… Take this into consideration! :wink:

Thank YOU for your work!!!

Looking forward to the new image for UDOO.
(Can’t wait actually). :wink:

Can you include the GLIB DEV libraries in the new UDOO image as well? Would make it easier for users to upgrade their version of MPD if they want to. I am still hoping MPD upgrade will solve my issue with the XMOS USB DAC: no sound after reboot problem. :slight_smile:

After trying to compile GLIB2.0 and take it from there… did not work.

But I found out that I needed “libglib2.0-dev” and some more. But for that I needed to uninstall the libglib2.0-0 that came with the image and then re-install with apt-get. And then the dev version as well. Would be cool if the image just has the libraries to compile a new version of MPD.

See: http://soad1982.blogspot.nl/2009/07/mpd-music-player.html