UDOO-Quad Volume Ctrl not working/UI playback setting reset

Been trying to sort out a new UDOO-Quad running Volumio 1.5.
I have encountered the following issues:
Playback UI

  1. Default Control Settings not saved from one session to another, ie shuffle and playlist trash
  2. Volume Control not functioning (any attempt to change will immediately snap back to 0)
  3. Library Tab does not display any info

I have added the following to /etc/mpd.conf
max_playlist_length “32768”
max_command_list_size “8192”
max_output_buffer_size “16394”

This was done after researching fixes on the forums. I am aware that if I use the Playback Config Menu these changes will be lost.
I have also accessed alsamixer from putty and changing the volume setting via the Volumio UI has no impact on the display in alsamixer
Any help or direction in resolving issues would be greatly appreciated.