"type": "endpoint": "method" emulation

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I have asked this question before in a roundabout way but now that I have a little more knowledge perhaps I can be clearer about my needs.

If a plugin uses this type of button to emit data,

“onClick”: {
“type”: “plugin”,
“endpoint”: “miscellanea/randomizer”,
“method”: “randomTracks”

is it possible to emulate this type of call from the command line? I would like to emulate the clicking of the button using a command from within lircrc.

Thanks in advance for any pointers.

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You could, but it isn’t straight forward.
Have a look at Command to regenerate mpd.conf - #8 by ashthespy and Reset album art cache via command line argument - #2 by ashthespy for examples :slight_smile:

An answer to a prayer (and it works!). I can’t thank you enough!