Two streams play at the same time...

Hi there,
I have installed Volumio 2031 on an Raspi 3. (No other hardware installed)

Everthing worked out of the box except for some hickups:
While playing a song from NAS my wife started a Spotifiy Song from her device. The NAS kept playing and Alex Clare and Beyonce do not match well together :unamused: This also sometimes happens when choosing Webradio.

Sometimes, there is a lot of waiting until my Playlists, the NAS oder Spotify comes up with results. But that might be caused by my Gen. N wifi?

Thanks for that great piece of software,

Did some digging…
Does seem to be a problem of the Spotifiy Plugin. The switch over from NAS to Webradio did work fine.
volumio:3000/dev on the first try gave me two parallel streams from the status array when starting a spotifiy stream. The next tries it updated the streams according to the actual song playing while the other stream played unstoppable in the background.

I face the same problem I think. I use multiple devices to control Volumio: a Windows laptop and an Android phone. Reguarly I lose control over the music. I cannot start webradio or a spotify song anymore. I don’t know exactly how to reproduce, but it happens when playing NAS, spotify and webradio, mixed. I resolve it by rebooting the rasp. pi, which is quite annoying.

  • How did acquire information of the streams currently active? Note I’m quite familiar with the linux shell…

  • Is there a quicker way to recover, other than rebooting the Pi?

I’m running volumio on a raspberry Pi 1, 512MB

Hi folks,
quick update:
After updating to 2041 the problem still persists.

Anyone else having that issue?
Is there a seperate thread for the spotify plugin, because thats the cause of the problem…


I’m running Volumio on a Pi 1 b+ as well and the issue is not solely with Spotify. (In fact, Spotify fails to work anyway…) I’ve found that playing songs over airplay and from a mounted NFS share can play simultaneously as well.

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Fixed it yesterday, new build coming soon


@michelangelo looking forward to your fix. It would make volumio near perfect…