Two entries when adding one new webradio station


I’m new to volumio and want to manage my favourite web stations. By adding a new .pls-file to the webradio-folder, the WebUI shows two new entries. One ist correctly named ‘RadioBob’ and works fine, the other one named ‘._RadioBob’ doesn’t work. Seems like a hidden file, but there’s none.

The mentioned web station is just an example, it works the same for every other station. Can someone please give some advice how to manage the webradio folder correctly?

OS: OS X Yosemite 10.10.3
Volumio: 1.55

Filename: RadioBob.pls

[playlist] numberofentries=1 File1=;skey:1430668573 Title1=RADIO BOB! BOBs Livestream Length1=-1 version=2

Hi @christud,

I am currently using MoOde 1.8, but the handling of playlists files should be identical to that in Volumio?

My “Radio BOB! BOBs Livestream.pls” based on your posting (the URL can be shortened):

[playlist] numberofentries=1 File1= Title1=Radio BOB! BOBs Livestream Length1=-1 version=2
Works in the MoOde player with just the correct entry “Radio BOB! BOBs Livestream”
in both Browse/webradio and the playlist.

Grüsse aus den Niederlanden

Did you upload the file with OSX? It created files like this automatically.

After removing it, you should update the playlist in the web interface though…