Turning off HDMI output on a cubox?

Does anyone know how to disable the HDMI output entirely on a cubox?

I don’t need the audio out of this, and run volumio headless so I’d love to know how to disable it, if any other cubox owners know!

Hi bdouble,

do you mean Cubox or Cubox-i ? Unfortunately i have no solution for any of them, but i am asking as i am a Cubox-i happy owner and i may be interested by the answer.
May i ask why you are looking for deactivating the HDMI output ? Is this related to power consumption ?

Cubox i-4.

Related to power consumption, yes, and perhaps fullly de-activating it would have a positive impact on sound quality.

I would also like to get rid of the unnecessary audio device on my system - HDMI shows up as an audio out, and I don’t need this. I’m sure it’s harmless to leave it, but it’s a nice to have…