Turn off and on and adjust the brightness of the 7 official display from the IR remote


I will order a code / script that will allow smooth adjustment of the brightness of the Raspberry 7 "touch display and turn on / off after pressing a button on the remote control. Alternatively, there may be an option of 3 buttons that will be connected to the GPIO and manual control (without a remote control).

For three days I have been trying to fight with the ready-made solution that is on this forum, but for some reason nothing of what is written there works with the latest version of volumio. This tutorial is talking about:

There was an option of a three-stage brightening and turning the display on / off after pressing a button.

Will anyone from this forum try to create a similar project as above?
I do not want it for free - I will pay because I have to have it in my Audio Volumio panel.

Thank you in advance and waiting for suggestions.

P.S. Sorry for the letter, but it’s a google translation - I’m from Poland.