Turn all Odroid C2 LEDs off

Hi all
Unfortunately I bought a transparent case for my Odroid C2 and now the heartbeat, power and ethernet LEDs are bugging the hell out of me and even more so my wife.
Would it be possible to include a way to turn off all leds in the volumio settings?
Thanks a lot

Seriously? You like us to change the WebUI because you picked the wrong case :mrgreen:

Just joking, it is not that easy because this is where hardware starts to behave different.
We need to support the whole range
Apart from the fact whether this makes sense or not, you might want to try a much simpler solution.
Take a black marker pen (not the ones you can’t erase!) and put a few dots on the leds, works wonders.
Or cover them up with something else…

Thanks, sounds like a plan, I’ll try that.