Tune in web radio missing


As I understand volumio picks up the list of web radios from Tune in, if so I was wondering why I couldn’t find this radio station which I’m looking for

The link of the radion in tunein is the following:

Thanks for your help

You could easily just add it yourself under My Web Radios
One or more of these stream URLs should work (it was hard to understand the foreign language on the site I found them at).

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Thanks a Million!! I will give it a try

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Coming back with this, the links provided did not work but gave a kickstart to start looking for the solution.

I found the link for the radio station and I can make it work with VLC but when I add the radio to volumio it returns a messagge of failed to decode, server certification failed.

The link of the radio is the following.


I will appreciate any help with this

I’ve tried with removing the https and Volumio accepted it however it doesn’t play any sounds while it shows that is playing the radio