Trying to set up my first nas please can I ask for some help?

Volumio Information

Volumio Version:2.861
Hardware: Pi in the garage and potentially a mini itx as a nas (?)
DAC: Justboom Dac amp

I have never had a nas before.
First question:

  1. Is what i am doing a nas? I have a pi in tha garage with volumio on.
    I have been given a mini itx board and case.
    I want to put my music on my itx and use other devices to access the music on it via my home network.

So, I feel like I am mostly there.
I have put Lubuntu on the itx just to test it works.
Second question:
2) I assume there are a number of OS I can use. Is there generally a ‘go to’?

I have found on volumio where to add network drive.
I have added and triple checked the right IP address.
My path which shows up in Lubuntu is:
home/g/Music so I have put that in as path.
Third question:
3) Is that maybe incorrect?

File share type I have left as CIFS as I don’t know what that means.

Question four:
4) Should I do something at the itx end to allow access to it?

Thanks for any input.

A NAS is a Network Attached Storage device. Just putting Linux on some hardware doesn’t make it NAS. You need to setup a share on the ITX.
Since your are not familiar with Linux I wouldn’t go this way (getting LUbuntu act as a NAS). Setting up security, access and shares.
I would suggest to try FreeNas on the ITX. This will make the ITX a NAS. And everything can be done/configured via a web interface.

Thanks loads for that.
I assumed I was going down the wrong route.

Oh, looking it up, it needs min 8GB ram.
But that helped with the terminology etc etc.
I am just downloading Openmediavault to have a go.

No, you didn’t go the wrong way. But if you are going to use the ITX as NAS it makes more sense to use a NAS dedicated OS, which is built for this purpose.

Agreed, thanks.
This is making much more sense.

I would strongly advice to go with XigmaNas which needs less hardware ressources (CPU & memory) than FreeNas.
I have two of them at home and it works perfectly with Volumio.
Good luck !

OK, thanks.
I will look at that.
I went with OpenMediaVault as my old box didn’t have enough ram for FreeNas.

And how is OpenMediaVault performing in combination with Volumio?

I only had a quick go as I don’t have much music to put on it yet, but it seemed to perform perfectly.
Now I kind of get what it is meant to do, I might use a pi and cut the power usage and noise down.

My main reason was to get music in the garage.
It interacted with Libreelec as well, which i hadn’t thought about.
I could watch stuff on my phone that i had recorded on my tv recording pi.
Which I found amusing. Although unlikely to use.