Troubleshooting with Rasp PI & AudioGD USB Dac

Hello everybody,

i installed Volumio on a Raspberry Pi,
the Rasp is connected to my local network thru Ethernet, and play songs from my NAS Synology which is on the same network.
The sound is send to my AudioGD Dac thru USB output of the Rasp.
But audio listening is corrupted (like digital distorsion), even with webradios.
do you think it is…

  1. bad cohabitation between USB and Ethernet on the Rasp

  2. bad setting on Volumio (i use “audiogd” as output, and tried to increase buffer size but is has no effect)

  3. other ?

Thanks in advance

Hello Icelandic,

see audio-usb-dac-nfb11-not-supported-t2221.html for a possible solution. I must say that the solution works, but is not 100% flawless. I have better results with RuneAudio (similar audio streaming program), but this is due to the fact that RA still uses an older kernel which is a better solution for a lot of USB-DACs.


thanks !