Troubleshoot Volumio through Speaker Switch

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: v<2.915>
Hardware: Raspberry Pi 4, 4GB
DAC: Hifiberry Amp2

I need help troubleshooting my new set-up. Well sort of new. For the better part of two years I had the hardware and DAC connected to a set of old speakers. It worked (now and again) but I decided a few days ago to dedicate the amp to my outdoor speakers. The speakers are feed through a Monoprice speaker switch with A/B source and four speakers. (Monoprice Dual Source 4-Channel A/B Speaker Selector w/ Volume Control - Two of the speakers are on the B source and the Deck speakers are on the A source which is wired directly to the hardware running Volumio. Now I realize that my timing couldn’t have been worse with updates in the past few days and this could all be a hardware issue but I am getting no sound on the outdoor speakers (or any other set of speakers - tested separately so as not to tax the little pi and its DAC). The previous setup was over wifi which is partially why I moved the device to the basement next to my Ethernet switch. Short of moving the speakers to the basement to test the hardware, does any one have any suggestions? I the DAC amp not powerful enough to go through the speaker switch to the speakers? I probably have 30 feet of 14 gauge speaker wire and another 12 feet to the amp from the speaker switch. The B source is working fine on all three sets of speakers: living room, kitchen and deck but I really want a separate source so I can control the volume independently and use Volumio to do it.