trouble with rpi 3b+ allo kali + piano 2.1 gambling any pattern rate besides forty four.1khz

so i’ve a rpi 3b+ with an allo kali reclocker and a piano2.1 dac. works wonders with moode audio, however i like the spotify plugin that volumio gives manner higher. i additionally have an outside hdd with a flac track library. pattern costs go from 16/forty four.1khz to 24/192khz any file that is not 16/forty four.1khz just outputs noise.

i have disabled resampling in the config. but the led signs on the allo kali are usually at the forty four.1khz 16bit.

am i lacking something. i experience like volumio isn’t always detecting the kali and best working like theres rpi 3b+ and the piano 2.1 any customers available with this stack that would point me in the right direction?