trouble getting volumio to recognize raspi wifi adaptor

I am having some difficulty getting volumio to connect to my wifi router.

I just purchased a wifiberry digi+ card. it is mounted on a raspi B+ with a USB wifi adaptor. The volumio image is v1.55

I connect to the Volumio user interface via a wired ethernet connection from a pc. I use the volumio interface to access the “nework options”. when I provide Volumio with the ssid and password for the network and clic save it fails to connect.

I have tried “reset to default” options and then retried the above.

Any ideas? I know that the physical network adapter works because I was just using it with a different linux image on the same raspi B+.

also why does Volumio not recognize ifconfig at a command prompt?

This version of volumio is outdated. Search the forum. But you’s better test volumio 2. Still under development but will be release soon.


i downloaded the most recent image. but running into different problems.