Trouble connecting to Network Drive after...

… host computer wakes up from sleep.

I have Volumio running on a RPi0 which I keep running all the time.

Volumio is configured to connect to two Music shares on located on an external drive attached to my desktop computer.

Everything works great after the Pi is freshly booted, The shares are found and I can stream from my attached HDD flawlessly as well as stream Web Radio stations… I love it!

BUT, if I let the host computer go to sleep and then wake it up again (like in the morning) I cannot connect to my shares… although WebRadio still works.

Like for example: at the moment I’m listening to a webradio station but browsing to my shares results in the wheel of death on the WebUI… I need to reset the Pi to get it working again.

Any thoughts?

Thank you!


So your media server goes to sleep, you’d lose your shares, and afterward you cannot connect to them without rebooting… Hmm…

There are 2 obvious solutions, probably neither of which you’d want:-

  1. build a small economic dedicated media server that doesn’t sleep - I’d recommend a BananaPi esp. as it has native full-speed SATA (ideal)
  2. disable sleep on the host (crude)

Otherwise I’d search for somehow being able to restart network mounts on the guest after a host has awoken … no idea where to start with that!

Thank you for your reply and suggestions!

I’ll look into them as soon as possible!