Hi Again,

just noticed that any of the menus for tidal (playlists, albums, artists etc, show the name in this format:

its still useable, just wondered if this was a known issue and if there is a fix, using a pi4b with 2.873

Thanks in advance

This is a community forum, for support specifically with myVolumio, email techsupport at volumio dot org!

same issue:

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Seems intermittent, was ok for a while and then appears to be back

This bug continues to exist in version 3. Hard to believe it’s that hard to fix?

Same here. Very disappointing for a payed product.

It’s the label for the text that should be replaced by the translated one at runtime i believe, this bug occurs from time to time, usually resolves itself by just loading the page again.

In addition to Joni’s answer, which UI language did you select?
Does it also happen, when you select english?
Translations were done by community members, perhaps the Tidal additions aren’t done yet?

Yes it does, i use English and have had this happen on tidal and i think qobuz aswell.

My best guess is that it’s race condition, because from what I can tell it happens more easily if there is some workload on the hardware.(IE. Database update). Thought if the translated strings are loaded at boot time, perhaps memory over-/underflow somewhere?

On rare occasions it happens, but I wanted to know whether he had it consistently, meaning the language translation would not be updated yet.