Transfer volumio to the beaglebones onboard flash


i’m trying to beam volumio from the micro sdcard to the onboard flash.
Should work with pressing the bootswitch button while powering up, but doesn’t.
Have i blundered?

Problem solved with new sd card.

How it goes? Are you satisfied, any feedbacks?

Beagleboard works perfectly well on the music side, as I have written in the "first time troubleshoot " section there have been no distortion issues at any samplerate, music format or dac i’ve used so far.
Nevertheless: I usually don’t switch it off, but when I return in the morning, it’s unreacheable and i have to restart it by plugging out/in. Well, we’ll see.

For the hardware: if you have a stationary environment with Lan and Nas you dont need more than one usb slot; besides i like the 5v plug better than the miniusb that raspberry uses for power input. If you want to switch between different psu it s much less fiddeling.