Touchscreen Display by German

Does anyone know this display? Are there any experiences with it?
Here are links to the shop and git hub:
I have the idea to put this display into my player case and can use it instead of a smartphone or tablet to control volumio.
Does this will work?

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Hi just spent some evenings on installing the watterott display over a volume installation on raspberry pi II, uk version.
Furthermore i put some scripts on it to clear the display after booting and then starting a mpd satis to show what is currently playing. Everything works fine, but the music quality gets really poor.
The music is not impacted by the additional hw but the driver seems to consume to much cpu that the music output gets really poor.
So in a nutshell: I can not recommend to install it.

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Thank you for your work and documentation. That is sad, but now I want to make my player without a display. I thought, that I could use a China smartphone as a display, but I don’t know if it would affect the sound quality negatively.

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Which Version/SPI-Mode did you test?
Scroll down to the bottom of that side…
“8-Bit SPI
Default on RPi-Display v2.x, Performance: about 20 FPS, <10% CPU usage”
Less than 10% should not be a problem?

Hi everybody.
This display looks very interesting.
@kali: will you please post how did you manage to install the software on the volumio installation?
@melomane: do you also tried the display?


No. :wink:

Hi all,

  1. Version:
    i installed the 9bit Version as i did not want to hassle around with the jumpers.
    I have now sufficient hw to try the 9Bit Version.

  2. How to ?

  3. installed Volumio from the image, as downloaded from the volumio page

  4. Installed the driver as explined here:
    following the additional explanations here

Display works nice. Soundperformance poor.
Will try now the 9Bit tweak.

…did so (9Bit) and still have crackling sound over USB-> DAC. Through the analogue jack sound is nice. So a kitchen radio solution would be possible. Hifi probably not.

Does anybody have an idea how to reroute Display output to the Display automatically ?
(currently i have to run a script that reroutes the display output via “action >/dev/tty1” .

Help would be appreciated.

Ok, that’s the damned USB-bus-limitation, not the display’s fault There are a lot of postings in this forum…

i’ll find out if i can find a more powerfull power supply (approx 2000ma), i guess that could solve the problem…


I bought this from dealextreme:

Any chance to get this working with Volumio?
What do you think?

Have you seen this link on the shop site?
There are further instructions available.

Yes, from that it became obvious, that this is the clone of piscreen…

So I only need to install a browser at that is it?

I don’t have an idea.