Touchscreen 7" only grey with a mouse pointer


I´ve installed the actual Volumio on Raspberry 3 with a 16 GB SD and 7" Touch display with actual image. Until now all functions fine, but the plugin installation for the Touch display ends with 70% and with the following messages :

Adding plugin to registry
Plugin Successfully Installed
Allowing volumio to start an xsession
Disabling Kiosk Service

When I activate the display with the plugin feature of Volumio, the Raspberry boots into a grey screen with a mouse pointer.

Thanks for your help.

:slight_smile: Christian

The for the Touch Screen Plugin has not installed the Chromium package:

echo “Installing Chromium”
sudo apt-get install -y chromium-browser -> this does not function any more!

there is an alternative in the script for the Chromium installation:

echo "Installing Chromium Dependencies"
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get -y install

echo "Installing Graphical environment"
sudo apt-get install -y xinit xorg openbox libexif12

echo "Download Chromium"
cd /home/volumio/
wget [ ... _armhf.deb](
wget [ ... _armhf.deb](

This alternative was problematic for my firewall! After deactivating my firewall temporarily, the installation functions!

Now all is fine!

Great to hear!