Touch screen volumio

Could you recommend a touch screen for proyect volumio. Thanks

Hi Theophilo,

If 7“ take the original Raspberry DSI display. if smaller have a look for DSI displays - i‘ve also used the 5“ DSI without hassles. There is also a 4,2“ Display i did not test.

The original Raspberry display has a TFT matrix, it has poor viewing angles and color reproduction, so I will recommend an IPS matrix of something like this (unless of course you can put links here),165598,188872,194276,224411,224373,176818&gps-id=aerPdpSubstituteRcmd&scm=1007.33958.210224.0&scm_id=1007.33958.210224.0&scm-url=1007.33958.210224.0&pvid=6a071b98-820e-421d-b3ce-fc0189ec0f86&_t=gps-id:aerPdpSubstituteRcmd,scm-url:1007.33958.210224.0,pvid:6a071b98-820e-421d-b3ce-fc0189ec0f86,tpp_buckets:21387%230%23233228%237
The second one is even more interesting. There is a mount for the Raspberry itself and the legs

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Prob. its easier if you, at least, provide a size you want.

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I have the original one, so I can show you a photo of how it looks from an angle. The only plus of it is that there is an original case and in general it looks like a complete design. But the matrix is not very. The first photo shows the quality of the backlight.

same station taken from the Waveshare 7.9 inch screen. Didn’t take the backlight as it became a selfie… But the background lighting is pretty equal.

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And how does Volumio show the logo in a higher resolution and a different color?

Bad picture. Hard to focus with lessthan 1 sec time…

Oh, yeah. And the backlight is good and the color reproduction does not float from the viewing angle and the price is less than the original. And the frames are not that big.

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some color: