Touch screen, Raspberry 4 and Volumio

Hello everyone,
I’m entirely new to both Raspeberry (4 in my case) and Volumio
I’ve just installed Volumio on my new Raspberry 4 and I’m able to access Volumio with my PC via a web browser. I have a 7" touch screen connected to hdmi and USB and I can see the following lines:

Raspbian GNU/Linux 8 Volumio tty1
volumio login:

What should I do next to get Volumio like through the web browser ?

Sorry for the noob question but I never touched Linux before

Best regards from France
Jean Claude

Did you install and enable the Touch Display plugin? You find the plugin in the “plugin store” in the category “miscellanea”’

Thanks gvolt, I found the touch plugin (did not explore plugin before) and now it works !
You know, it’ all new to me as I come from the Windows world…
Jean Claude

You’re welcome! :smile: