Toslink I/O on Beaglebone Black?

I’m very interested in adding a Volumio player to my stereo stack. I would
like to integrate a Tascam US-366 as a player and LP digitizer. Is there any
possibility of a Beaglebone Black toslink interface to the Tascam US-366 or
other toslink DACs?

Since you are at the point of buying an interface, my advise would be: buy a Highface.
Highface provides a connection from USB to spdiff, where audio and digital signals are separated by transformers.
It provides you with a 192 kHz, 24 bit interface.

An optical interface is limited up to 96 kHz and thus not playing all high resolution music.


And does someone knows if HiFace works well with Volumio on Beaglebone, or CUBOX or RPI, etc… ?


HiFace 2 worsk out of the box with Volumio on every platform… But if you need to read your music via USB on BBB, you need a USB hub since BBB has just only one USB port!

If you need however optical spdif, you can buy an USB to toslink converter. Or get a Cubox wich features optical audio out…
If you have more questions just ask!

Keep in mind that resolution above 44100 Hz are useless (

192 / 24 is marketing only (or hearing illusion ^^)…