Topping DX3 Pro

I search here and I found some of users use Topping DX3 Pro with usb, but they just wrote it is working well, but I cannot found how.
How can I use my Topping DX3 Pro with USB cable?
I have:
-Topping DX3 Pro
-Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB

First of all bring Volumio software to an SD card.
Connect the DX3 with the power supply. The Topping via USB-B to Pi4 USB-C.
Then your HiFi (amp) via line-out (RCA/cinch) and/or your headphone to the front socket (I guess 3,5mm?). Start the Pi4.
In Volumio playback settings choose the Topping.
Listen to music.

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Playback Settings do not have Topping at all.
Here is the video.
I tried in USB2 and USB3 too, both same as on the video.
This is why I asked how to

Looks like the RPI4 isn’t recognising that a USB DAC has been plugged in. Hence no USB DAC menu item when you scroll the options. Some ideas:

  1. Try running the DX3 PRO on a PC, and see if you can get it to work as a USB DAC
  2. Swap the USB lead - occasionally I’ve had a broken lead
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With PC the DX3 is working
It looks problem with the lead.
Where should I have to see the DX3 Pro?

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There must be a list with compatible devices in Volumio.

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Yes, I found it.
It was the cable.
In the box I got faulty cable with the device.

Thank you so much for help to everyone :slight_smile:

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