Topping D10S DAC no power off without signal


I’m using Volumio 3.198 on Raspberry Pi 3B connected to Topping D10S DAC over USB. Everything works - able to control volume, no crackling or weird sounds on change of bitrate.

The only problem I have is that DAC is not powered off when there is no signal (song playing) - as it should by Users Manual - after a few minutes of no signal detected it should power off automatically and wake backup up when signal is detected again.

Is Volumio keeping the USB port busy somehow? Is there a setting to cut it off? I switched output from USB DAC to Pi’s earplugs jack in Volumio - but the DAC still did not power off. The source Raspberry Pi is kept on 24/7 so I’d like to power off the DAC somehow when not in use.

Any hints on how to put the Topping D10S to sleep?

Auto shut off does not work via USB: you need one of the other input options for this (Toslink or coax). I use a Topping E50!DAC; same story.

Hey, thanx for chiming in, but D10S does not have other inputs (optical and coaxial are OUTputs, not inputs), so there is no other input the users manual can refer to.

Ah, didn’t realise that. Just looked up the d10(s?) manual from Toppings website. If you feed it with a PC, I assume you had to install the driver from their website first. Could this be related, or does the driver provide any settings?

Not using it with a PC but with a Raspberry PI - so no customized drivers in use.

Here Review: TOPPING D10s DAC – Top(ping) Tier Performance on a Budget - Headphonesty
it says:

“The D10s is powered by the USB connection to the computer and does not require a separate power source. The display shows “ – – – ” when no digital signal is detected, and automatically powers down to a single dot after a few minutes of inactivity.”

And the picture of the D10S showing “—” on the display is attached.

I have never seen this on my D10S, so I assume that Volumio is somehow keeping the DAC “busy” - not letting it go to sleep.

I have another Raspberry Pi 3 running OSMC as the media player, and it has options to keep the audio device “alive” for some (selectable) minutes after the audio playback has finished. So I assume something similar must be happening here.
I’ll try the OSMC media player with D10S and see if it powers off there.

OK, here are my findings - unless the USB port is powered off, the D10S does not power off - regardless of what software is driving the DAC.
Even the option in OSMC to deactivate the output device after some time of inactivity proved not enough to power it off.

However - there are ways to power off USB ports:

  • cutting power off of USB bus by doing
    echo 0 > /sys/devices/platform/soc/3f980000.usb/buspower
    this however - is a bit overkill as network interface is attached to USB bus and by powering off USB bus you cut networking, too, thus loosing connectivity to Volumio, which leaves you with only option to reboot the device to bring back USB bus to life.
  • using uhubctl package, which fortunately is available in regular raspbian (Volumio) repositories

So I did:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install uhubctl

and then D10S can be powered off by doing:
sudo uhubctl -p 2 -a off

to turn it back on do
uhubctl -p 2 -a on

Please note that on Raspberry Pi B+,2B,3B ports 2-5 have ganged power control (can not be controlled individually), all are controlled by port 2, trying to control ports 3,4,5 will not do anything.

Fortunately Port 1 controls power for Ethernet+WiFi, so when you power off the other ports you do not loose connectivity to Volumio.

For further simplifying of power control (permissions etc) please check uhubctl’s author GitHub page at

So now I’m able to power off D10S dac without powering off Raspberry Pi 3B+!

Hope this helps someone else, too.

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Thanks for the information.

I have same problem my D90SE with volumio3.

Just I wonder I have seen it is turned off when I connect my D90se to PC and there is no sound played for certain amount time, it is turned off.

I am still thinking if there something control(able) in volumio3.