Top work Volumio


I’d like to say that this project is seriously pure gold. Why?

  • Easy to use interface
  • Low component cost
  • Bit perfect sound transfer

I’ve got my raspberry pi connected to my NAS via WiFi playing 24bit/96khz music perfectly. The web UI by far feels like the most polished mpd interface and doesn’t require additional software installation, just a browser. Of course there are minor bugs (it’s in beta) but i could happily live with where it’s at now.

For comparison, windows PC with Jrivers vs CD player vs Volumio on pi -> all on the same DAC with the same music (FLAC & CD of same song)… could i tell any difference, nope. They all sound the same to me (my view is if have to think about it for a long time about any perceived difference, then there is no difference), which is what i expect given their function is transferring bit perfect 0’s and 1’s to a DAC.

Anyways, just wanted to say thanks for creating something so simple that does its job so well.


Dave, glad you’re experience was so good! This makes me really proud!

I agree strongly with Dave.

Bravo Michelangelo.

I have Intel NUC/JRiver/M2Tech Hiface 2/Dac and cubox-i2/Toslink/dac. I have a slight preference for the Volumio for SQ, and JRiver for ergonomics. JRiver is deifinitely ahead for ergonomics, I use it heavily for metadata editing and keeping the database as I want it. As for the preference for Volumio SQ, I could easily be imgining it. I think the quality of the dacs input processing (Toslink, Coax, Usb, whatever) will greatly influence this.

I just changed dacs, SQ differences, if they truly exist, are minimal.