Ton's of Radio. With their m3u, pls... links.

I’m not sure it’s the right place but I found this website that contains TONs of webradios with their m3u/pls file that you just have to add in your explorer :
\@ip of your volumio device\WebRadio

eg: \\WebRadio

Here is the site that I’m non affiliated with :

Just right-clic on the Radio name and save as “Name the Radio” in \@ip of your volumio device\WebRadio, and you are ready !!
(Reboot might be necessary, or I haven’t be patient enough)

Happy listening.

ps: Is there a way to sort the Radios name as the listing seems not sorted ?
pps : where is located the directory “WebRadio” on the RasPi please ?

Thank you for sharing.
The best way is to go through the network to Volumio (via ts Samba share). You’ll see a directory “webradio” in wich you’ll put your link. :wink:

Thank you Balbuze (are you Frenchy ?),

For the samba that what I mentionned.

But I’m still looking for a way to order the list in the web GUI please.