Tip for finding missing artwork artist, WORKS!

If you have missing artwork for the artist and web-art is enabled you might want to try the following:

Volumio looks at “Last.FM” for artwork. Check the spelling you have of the artist with Last.FM, do they use the same spelling, dashes and comma’s? If not, change your artist-name to the name used on Last.FM, update your database and hey presto: artwork!

For example, I had ripped and tagged and artist called “Fisher Z”, I tagged it using a respected tagging utility. It turned out the correct spelling is

2nd example: “Grp All Star Big Band” I had and the spelling on Last.FM is “GRP All-Star Big Band”.

A lot of work to check but in my case I found a lot of artwork.

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Thanks for the tip!
I wasn’t aware it used Last FM for the database
More work for me now :open_mouth:

Thanks for the tips.

Hi, I must say tips for finding missing artwork artist works.

Not sure if this is still the case.
All names are valid and have a hit on Last.fm, however artworks is missing
Some examples:

Acoustic All-stars

Christine Salem

I was under the impression that Volumio uses MusicBrainz for meta data & artwork? Perhaps, not the artwork??

Not sue what is being used.

But also with MusicBrainz, hits aren’t returned: