Tinkerboard + official raspberry screen ?

Hi there,

Right now I’m running volumio on a Raspberry Pi 3b+ with an official 7 inches raspberry screen. The setup is running quite well but I was wondering if I could replace the Pi with an Asus Tinkerboard S ? Especially I’m wondering if the Tinkerboard would run with the Pi screen and volumio would show up on the screen. Has anyone ever tried this ?

I’m asking this because I saw some people here arguing that all the raspberry pis, including the one i have, have performance issues with USB Dacs. I have a Topping D10 and currently everything is doing well but all my music collection is only 16-bit 44.1Hz Flac.

Have a nice day !

Why not consider a rpi4.

Because i have a screen case + power supply for Raspberry 3b+ that I would need to change if I buy a Raspberry 4 but not if I buy a Tinkerboard S.
I have found a second hand Tinkerboard S quite cheap and saw the Volumio primo is running on a Tinkerboard…


According to the reports here and here I think you would have to expect the touch function not to be working.

Thanks for digging forum for the answers !
So, I think I’ll stick with the Rpi 3b+ now :slight_smile: