Tinkerboard I2S DAC Compatibility: ApplePi DAC ?


Does anyone know if volumio will recognize the ApplePi DAC on the Asus Tinkerboard? Is it just a case of updating the dacs.json file, adding ApplePi to the Tinkerboard array as described here > volumio.github.io/docs/I2S_DACs … r_DAC.html ?

If it is then will volumio update the DAC JSON file in a future update to include more DACS on the tinker like the Applepi DAC. If not do you know if there is a plan for future work on compatibility to include DACs like the ApplePi on Tinkerboard with Volumio?


Please let me know if I can be of any help in getting ApplePi DAC supported on Tinkerboard.

No, unfortunately it is not just a matter of volumio configuration, the DAC must be supported as well.
Asus is fairly open to the idea of integrating more DAC products, they do support a number of them already.

For the Apple PI it means, unless it uses existing DAC drivers, time and effort is required for kernel driver integration (we do not support out-of-tree).
We have done this with Asus kernel for tinkerboard before, so in principle we have the knowledge, but this is not the way we prefer it .

@orchardaudio: it is probably in your interest if you yourself could convince Asus to integrate the driver.
If you need contact names, please send me an email at volumio(at)bluewin.ch
I will introduce you. Once Asus is convinced, we will help with adding it to Volumio and the testing (DAC required as I don’t have one)

I just saw this. Please send me the contact info to get driver integrated for Tinkerboard.

Also do you know if they have the RPI-DAC driver integrated if that driver is integrated it is fully compatible with the ApplePi DAC and the soon to be released PecanPi DAC.

I have send a message to the Asus contact but have not heard back yet.

I got reply back from Asus, they are looking into it.

Asus has finished porting the driver over to the tinkerboard system, I will work with them to test it. Looks like tinkerboard support is not far away for the PecanPi DAC.

I got a modified kernel from Asus, will be testing it out in the next week or so.

At this time I do not have a completion date for tinkerboard support. It will be done and I will continue to post updates here.

I got an image from Asus which loads the overlay for the device and is able to play music files.

However there are still issues to be resolved.

  • When I have audacity play a 1kHz test file the output of the device is 977Hz instead of 1kHz, this works correctly on a Raspberry Pi.
  • THD+N is about 25dB worse when playing the 1kHz file compared to using Rapsberry Pi (this might be related to generating the wrong frequency).

I will continue to work with Asus to get all issues correct and be able to provide full support with Tinkerboard.

As of Tinker_Board-Debian-Stretch-V2.1.11-20200310, Asus has fixed the issue with the PecanPi DAC not working correctly.

I have verified proper operation using Audacios installed on the Tinker OS version listed above.

The TinkerOS image can be downloaded here:

To enable the PecanPi DAC in TinkerOS the following line needs to be added to the hw_intf.conf file.


For any of those who are interested please request that Volumio also add support.