Tinker Board S and Rpi 7" touch panel

Hi! I´m newbie here. I recently bought Tinker board S and it works well with Volumio. Now I’m trying to attach Rpi official 7" touch panel. Display shows Volumio UI but touch function is not available. I also need to rotate the screen 180. I installed touch panel plugin but that doesn´t help.
What do I have to do to get it working?
Regards C

Hi ClaesM,

I had an extended discussion with user toz regarding this / a similar issue starting here: https://forum.volumio.org/raspi-display-touch-plugin-some-changes-needed-t11840-20.html#p65155
toz has a Tinker board, too (maybe not S) and long story short: It seems that the currently used Tinker board system does not have a module which supports the touch function of the original Raspberry Pi touch display.

While it is being worked on a more general option for rotating displays the touch display plugin currently shows rotation setting only if the module rpi_ft5406 has been loaded. This is probably not the case on the Tinker board system.

Edit: Had a brain fart and described how to rotate touch not the display… :unamused:

Thank You for sorting my questions out. It`s sad to hear that there is no easy way to get touch screen fully working
on Tinker Board S. i hope it will in near future… until then I rotate my screen,
Regards C