Tinker board or Rasp Pi4 or Mini 86 or Vim3L

Hello, sorry for my bad english, :blush:

i’d like to upgrade mine Raspberry pi3 with new board. The new board is connect To usb a DAC schiit Modi 3.
So wich are the best board :

ASUS Tinker Board Vanilla or s?

Raspberry pi 4 (2 or 4 gb)?

Mini 86?

Khadas Vim 3 L?

THX for the reply

Well, when Tinkerboard, then there is no reason to take the old one, Tinkerboard S would be the best choice.
It would offer you to boot from emmc or sd.
Mini86, as part of many other x86 platform options, is a good and very stable alternative.

Note, Khadas VIM3L is too new and there is no build for it yet.
But the board looks very promising and we plan to work on it as soon as hardware arrives.

THX for the reply. But the mini86 with a “simple dual core” isn’t a bit underpower?

The Tinker Board S is a good option which I’m now running. It’s fast and outputs much better sound quality over USB than the Pi. Very pleased with it.

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