Tinker Board Generic I2s DAC setting


Recently I picked up a tinker board thinking to replace my Raspberry Pi 3B+/Volumio setup but I’m having some issues.

In my original setup, I had the Raspberry Pi 3B+ connected to a stand alone DAC(PS AUDIO) via DATA, BCK and LRCK from GPIO through an I2s transmitter board and on Volumio DAC selection, the “Generic I2s DAC” was chosen. This setting was working flawlessly.

Now with the Tinker Board/Volumio setup, the GPIO pin assignment for DATA, BCK and LRCK are identical with the Raspberry Pi 3B+ so there should be no problem but among the Volumio I2s DAC selection pull down menu, there is no more “Generic I2s Dac” to choose from.

All I want from this Tinker Board/Volumio setup is DATA, BCK and LRCK signals so how should I set up Volumio? Please help.


i had the same problem with an audio gd NFB-1 2015 dac in combination with a kali reclocker.

solution for me was to select raspberry pi dac (R-PI DAC)

Alright, I was informed by a fellow tinker board/volumio user that the current version volumio(as of Jul 6 2019) somehow does’nt work but the previous versions including 2.555 does work(confirmed). Just need to configure it as hifiberry dac within volumio 2.555

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Hello Everyone

I installed Tinker OS 1.8 Beta and try to get to work sound to audio Jack but it does not work.

I have just amplifiers connected to audio jack in Tinkerboard without microphone.

I performed this commands:

#apt-get update
#apt-get dist-upgrade

#aplay - I
aplay: playbackv:3224: You need to specify 1 files

#cat /proc/asound/cards

0 [Audio ]: USB-Audio - USB Audio
Generic USB Audio at usb-ff500000.usb-1, high speed
1 [rockchipminiarm] rockchip_miniarm - rockchip, miniarm-codec
rockchip, miniarm-codec

Tinkerboard sound is possible with Armbian, however I have not worked to get it set up “out of the box” because of a major bug in the sound itself, namely that it outputs pure high pitched garbage from certain applications and certain source materials. I don’t want anyone going deaf/destroying equipment, and I don’t want to get backed into a corner on something I don’t immediately know how to fix.

Hi sugano,
Have you been able to fix that issue? I have the same setup - RPI 3B+ with a PS Audio Stellar DAC, which works perfectly. I had to use the R-PI DAC instead of Generic I2S DAC to play 16 bit files properly, and it plays everything, DSD included.
Then I tried the Tinker Board S, but I wasn’t able to connect to the DAC via I2S at all. I would like to move away from the PI, as the Web Interface seems to work much better on the Tinker Board, so any tips are appreciated!

hi davincif,

i asked around but couldn’t get it to work with tinkerboard.

was using tinkerboard usb output for a while but i eventually went for raspi with digione signature since and this has been the best sounding solution to me! seriously, the digione signature improvement is pretty significant.

best regards,

I am sticking with the I2S route on the Pi. I am running the I2S signal through IAN Canada’s Ultimate FiFoPi, then off to the PS Audio DAC. The upgrade oscillators for the FiFoPi should come in today.
I am not sure if I will do more on the power supply side, but I think this setup already sounds quite good.

Another RPi3b / Kali reclocker and I2S user here. Into Najda DAC / pre DSP I find SQ better than other solutions.

I’m interested in the Tinkerboard as potential upgrade to usability and sound?

I read a while ago that Tinker did not work with Kali.
Seems that is not true?

I’ve always used the RPi dac setting and not the generic I2S one.